This is SSAB Steel Service Center Vancouver

We take great pride in being part of SSAB — an innovative steel company with 14,000+ employees worldwide and best-in-class brands like Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® structural steel, Duroxite® CCO, and Toolox® grades.

Providing wear solutions to western Canada & USA

Our strategic warehouse location in the Pacific Northwest is a critical hub for full plate distribution. We have rail access to our yard allowing for delivery of railcar quantities. We supply to the west of Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut,) as well as Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and California. We can do repairs and rebuilds in-house or at your site.

SSAB Steel Service Center Vancouver is part of worldwide network of Hardox® Wearparts service centers.

Our center has a 2,800 sq. m (36,740 sq. ft.) workshop and a 4,650 m2 (50,000 ft2) outdoor storage area. We have a dynamic team of 20+ employees dedicated to help you use SSAB steels for your maximum productivity.

The Vancouver team
Steel processing - bending of plate.

Quality in steels, quality in manufacturing

SSAB steel quality starts by using some of the world’s purest iron ore, found in Northern Sweden, which is then precisely milled to exacting international standards.

SSAB has built its reputation on delivering highly uniform steels: every batch has very similar mechanical properties, making it easy for highly consistent forming and joining. As a result, wear parts that are uniform and precise, enabling straightforward installation and compatibility.


SSAB Safety in Vancouver

Determined to be the world’s safest steel company, we bring the Scandinavian culture of safety to our center.

We encourage customer visits to our Vancouver workshop to see how our respect for employee safety, in turn, reflects in their respect for the wear parts they are fabricating. SSAB believes in the well-being of all people who are part of the value-creation process. For us, safe working conditions are the foundation for precision processing and high productivity.

Hybrit test plant

Fossil-free steels, already in 2026

Companies once considered to be indifferent to the environment are now recognizing that being green has financial, as well as moral, benefits. SSAB’s vision is to create a stronger, lighter, and more sustainable world by offering stronger, lighter, and more sustainable steels.

SSAB is one of the most CO2-efficient steelmakers in the world today – and our goal is to offer Fossil-Free Steels, starting already in 2026. By using hydrogen direct reduction iron (DRI), instead of coking coal, SSAB has virtually eliminated CO2 emissions in its pilot plant, and is scheduled to start commercially delivering Fossil-Free Hardox® wear plate in 2026.