Hardox® Wearparts and Duroxite® Overlays

We fabricate Hardox® wear plates into custom-designed wear parts to meet our customers’ very specific industrial needs. For extreme wear challenges, we use Duroxite® overlays.

Hardox® Wearparts

Hardox® Wearparts are famous for their hardness and toughness, enabling them to last longer – even several times longer – than other abrasion-resistant steels. Hardox® wear plate’s ability to withstand both sliding wear and impact wear make it ideal for aggressive environments requiring very high abrasion resistance.

Note that in addition to wear parts made from wear plates, we offer Hardox® Round Bars (e.g., for mine grizzlies) and Hardox® Tubes and Pipes (for dredging, slurry lines, etc.).

Duroxite® overlays for extreme wear situations

Duroxite® overlays are made by welding chromium carbides or complex carbides on top of a baseplate, creating excellent abrasion protection against sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles – including materials containing quartz. Unique to the overlay market, Duroxite® wear properties are guaranteed down to 75% of the hardfacing layer’s thickness, as opposed to just the surface of the layer. (The remaining 25% is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the baseplate.)

Frequently we combine Hardox® wear plates with Duroxite® overlays. That way, you get the structural and impact strength of the Hardox® baseplate with the extreme sliding wear protection of the Duroxite® overlay.

Duroxite® products include wear plates, pipes, and pins.

A concrete planetary mixer has its sides and bottom refurbished with Duroxite® 100 (10 on 10mm), extending its service life to two years.