Steels: wear, structural, and CCO overlays

We work with SSAB’s advanced steels — Hardox® wear plates and Strenx® structural grades, as well as Duroxite® CCO overlays — to deliver wear and impact components used in both commercial and heavy industrial applications.

Hardox® wear plate for extreme abrasion resistant

Hardox® wear plates are world famous for their hardness, toughness, and abrasion resistance in aggressive environments and applications. Improve both your equipment performance and service life.

Hardox wear plate

Strenx® performance steels: stronger, lighter, better

Stronger steels let you use thinner gauges, saving materials, weight, space, and fuel. With steels ranging from 600 to 1300 MPa tensile strengths, Strenx® performance steel excel in trailer, vehicle, and equipment subframes and structures.

Strenx performance steel

Duroxite® CCO overlays: protection from extreme sliding wear

Duroxite® overlays are welded chromium carbides or complex carbides, topping mild steel or Hardox® wear plates. Duroxite® overlays greatly reduce sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles, including materials such as quartz.


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