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SSAB Steel Service Center Vancouver

We produce Hardox® Wearparts, Strenx® structural components, and Duroxite® overlay products used by heavy-duty industries requiring long-lasting solutions in rugged environments. In addition to making parts and assembly kits for OEMs, we also do repairs, upgrades, and re-engineering of mining buckets, mill crushers, and other critical, heavy-duty, wear-prone components.

Industries and solutions

We provide wear parts and wear solutions that keep industries up and running with optimized productivity and service life.



From mobile mining equipment (diggers, dippers, dozers) to mills (grinders, SAG mills, chutes), we produce abrasion- and impact-resistant replacement parts that can extend their service life by a factor of 2x or more.

oil sand

Oil sands

We produce Hardox® Wearparts and Duroxite® CCO overlays to maximize uptime under the highly abrasive conditions of oil sands extraction and processing.


Trailers and transport containers

Leveraging Strenx® high-performance structural steels, we manufacture parts and assembly kits for trailer chassis and transport containers, including tippers.



Excavator buckets, dozer blades, ripper shanks and tipper liners are just some of the construction equipment we can help make stronger, lighter, and longer lasting.



We make abrasion- and impact-resistant OEM components that go into rugged agricultural implements, such as subsoiler replacement shanks and blades.



Whether you’re recycling wood, waste, glass, or other materials, we’ll bring fresh solutions to your most vexing challenges: for example, 85 mm Hardox® 500 hammers for shredders.

Additional demanding industries

Including wear components used in systems such as demolition attachments, tree-harvesting attachments, gravel and timber trucks, dam sluiceway liners, and marine port hoppers, chutes, and cranes.

concrete and cement

Cement and Concrete Plants

Notorious for their extreme sliding wear, we’re excited to provide your plant with Duroxite® overlay plates and hardfacing welding wire – in addition to our Hardox® wear plates – to keep your mix plants up and running longer.

Expert processing of Hardox wear plates

Expert processing of Hardox® wear plates

Our experienced employees follow SSAB’s best practices for the cutting, drilling, and machining of Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® structural steel, and Duroxite® overlays into your wear parts.


From repairs to upgrades to re-engineering

We do wear part repairs and upgrades, including custom-made liner kits. For custom retrofit solutions, we use FARO 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technology to guide our CAD department in developing exacting designs for guaranteed fit and function. And if you need to have a part or assembly re-engineered for a longer service life, we’ll bring in our design experts from SSAB’s Product Design and Engineering.

vancouver team

About us

SSAB Steel Service Center Vancouver is focuses on helping our customers achieve higher productivity via extended service life for their critical wear components.

Steel processing - bending of plate.


We guarantee quality in every step of our production, from our steel products and processing of parts to logistics and deliverance. Living up to high quality expectations is the foundation we base our business on.



Our target is zero accidents, work-related injuries or illnesses. Everyone has the right to a sound working environment. A safer environment also makes us a more reliable partner to you. No accidents mean less risk of interruption in the production as well in distribution. Zero accidents is beneficial for everyone. SSAB wants to be the world’s safest steel company.

Hybrit test plant


Since August 2021 SSAB delivers the world´s first fossil-free steel. The goal is to become the first fossil-free steel company in the world by 2045. Already today the environment benefits from SSAB’s steel products. The manufacturing fulfills high environmental demands. SSAB’s advanced high strength steel’s are for example used to make lighter vehicles, stronger tippers, containers and railroad wagons, for higher payload and a longer life span. Our steel creates a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.


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