Trapezoidal sections
Trapezoidal sections

Trapezoidal sections

A highly effective way to brace steel plate structures

Using trapezoidal sections in superstructure bridge design, especially in the orthotropic deck, improves overall bridge economy by enabling structures to be optimized.

Benefits of using trapezoidal sections:

  • Long lengths without welding joints
  • Good accuracy in cross-sectional dimensions and straightness
  • Easy surface treatment, lower costs



  • Road bridges
  • Railway bridges
  • Light-traffic bridges

Production range

  • Wall thicknesses 4-10 mm, typical 6-8 mm
  • Main dimensions
    • max strip width 820 mm
    • inner corner radius R25 or R15
    • max height 300 mm
  • Lengths from production:
    • roll forming doesn’t limit the length of the profile
    • typical length 10-13,5 m
    • max. length 21 m without welded splice


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