Hardox HiAce Häggblom - Quality that never lets you down

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Häggblom - Quality that never lets you down

"Hardox® wear plate is absolutely the best option for the products that we manufacture", says Jukka Karhula, the CEO of Häggblom Oy. Häggblom’s products require extremely hard-wearing durability and high-quality, which Hardox® steel always delivers.

SSAB steel Häggblom

Häggblom has three business units: track systems to serve the builders of demanding machinery; mining contractors who require heavy-duty buckets, platforms and maintenance; and, lastly, the spare parts business. All three take advantage of Hardox® wear plate.

We have already been cooperating with SSAB for decades. Häggblom was one of the first companies in Finland to utilize Hardox® steel. Now SSAB is one of our strategic suppliers and over 95% of the steel we use comes from them, CEO Karhula says.

SSAB steel HaggblomAbout four years ago, Häggblom started to use the Hardox® In My Body concept and the branded sign that verifies that the product has been manufactured using genuine Hardox® steel. According to Karhula, joining was easy as the basis of Häggblom’s strategy is to manufacture high-quality products that have the lowest possible life-cycle costs. Hardox® In My Body fits this concept perfectly because you can always count on its quality.

For customers, the Hardox® In My Body sign signifies security because it guarantees that the product they bought is exactly as promised every time. The consistent quality also means security for the manufacturer since it guarantees that varying quality of raw material will never result in substandard products.

We have noticed in practice that, by using Hardox® steel, the huge buckets and pallets last significantly longer than when the same equipment is made with other material, Karhula guarantees. Of course, in addition to the raw material, good design also plays an important role in creating a durable structure.

SSAB steel Haggblom logoFrom the manufacturer’s point of view, the Hardox® In My Body concept doesn’t just include the raw materials, but also marketing cooperation and expert support from SSAB.

- We are currently working on a product development project together with SSAB. The aim is to develop lighter products that are just as durable while also more efficient to manufacture.

- We want to be the front-runners in our industry and the Hardox® In My Body concept brings us to the front of the pack, Karhula summarizes.