GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

Proven durability that outlasts the harshest weather.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT color coated steel is available in regular and matt finishes and offers a wide range of colors inspired by Nordic nature. It uses a patented bio-based coating having Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil oil in the paint, which is unique on the market. SSAB holds a worldwide patent for this coating technology (Bio-based Technology, BT).

This product has been developed together with tinsmiths in order to obtain optimum product properties combined with Nordic quality steel and an excellent coating. The result is a unique, premium product for tinsmiths.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT color coated steel offers a high level of durability for standing-seam systems. It is highly formable, even by hand, and has practically no spring-back, which allows for very tight folding.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT color coated steel offers a coating that is optimized to resist weathering, resulting in excellent corrosion resistance (RC5+). The product possesses excellent gloss retention and color fastness. GreenCoat PLX Pro BT possesses excellent forming properties enabling very demanding folding even down to -15°C, allowing for year round installation at lower costs.

The reverse side of the sheet is painted with a two-layer Limestone Turquoise color backside coating.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT complies with current REACH regulations and is fully chromate-free.

SSAB’s color coated steels are all manufactured according to EN 10169.

GreenCoat and PLX are trademarks of the SSAB group of companies.


GreenCoat PLX – "The Roofer’s Choice"

Carl Cross, from Zinc and Copper Roofing Ltd (UK), has installed GreenCoat PLX on a roof and shares his thoughts with us. Take a look at the film."

Product details

GreenCoat coils

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT




Enhanced formability

Outdoor durability

Mechanical durability

Bio-based Technology (BT)

Corrosion resistance

Wide color offering





  • Nordic White
    RR1H3 / SS0020

  • Winter White
    RR20 / SS0005

  • Snow White
    RR19 / SS0001

  • Arctic White
    RR1L6 / SS0002

  • Polar White
    RR--- / SS6080

  • Powder White
    RR--- / SS0021

  • Limestone Grey
    RR268 / SS0022

  • Goosewing Grey
    RR2H5 / SS0461

  • Gravel Grey
    RR--- / SS0241

  • Quarry Grey
    RR287 / SS0244

  • Rock Grey
    RR237 / SS0061

  • Anthracite Grey
    RR2H8 / SS0087

  • Mountain Grey
    RR23 / SS0036

  • Summit Grey
    RR--- / SS0454

  • Cliff Grey
    RR288 / SS0455

  • Nordic Night Black
    RR33 / SS0015

  • Walnut Brown
    RR32 / SS0387

  • Acorn Brown
    RR827 / SS0434

  • Coffee Brown
    RR820 / SS0384

  • Cottage Red
    RR29 / SS0758

  • Brick Red
    RR7F2 / SS0742

  • Fire Brick Red
    RR7G9 / SS0757

  • Harvest Yellow
    RR24 / SS0189

  • Silver Fir Green
    RR5J3 / SS0975

  • Leaf Green
    RR594 / SS0874

  • Pine Green
    RR11 / SS0830

  • Olive Leaf Green
    RR5H8 / SS6033

  • Lake Blue
    RR35 / SS0558

  • Metallic Silver
    RR40 / SS0045

  • Metallic Sterling
    RR974 / SS6045

  • Metallic Dark Silver
    RR41 / SS0044

  • Dark Silver Metallic
    RR977 / SS6015

  • Metallic Copper
    RR979 / SS0778