Together with Peab, SSAB and Wihlborgs, Ruukki presented the world's first building featuring Fossil-free steel in November 2023. The building is a logistic center, Tomaten 1, in Sweden. Photo: Stefan Olsson

The Ruukki® LowCarbon product range includes high-quality construction products made of recycled SSAB Zero™ steel with a bio-based GreenCoat color-coating. The products are manufactured close to the customers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Poland using fossil-free energy and delivered in optimized packaging that is transported fossil-free. The product range, which includes high-quality premium products, will gradually expand to all Ruukki product groups and, from 2026, also to SSAB Fossil-free™ steel products.

Ruukki Classic LowCarbon roofing profiles are manufactured close to our customers, at our factories in Finland and Poland, and Plannja Infinity roofing profiles at our factories in Sweden. The low-carbon standing seam roofing is profiled using fossil-free electricity. Packaging materials are optimized to minimize waste and emissions. In addition, fossil-free alternatives are chosen for both internal and external transports whenever possible. The product is also offered with an integrated solar power solution.

The product availability differs from market to market, however the first customer deliveries are planned to be started from the second quarter of 2024 owards.

"We want to take the construction industry towards carbon neutrality. By making sustainable choices, customers can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings. For example, by choosing the Ruukki Classic LowCarbon roof, the customer can reduce the emissions of their new building almost as much as by stopping driving a car for a year," says Jouni Metsämäki, SVP, Head of Roofing at Ruukki Construction.

In addition to the LowCarbon product range, Ruukki also offers other sustainable solutions that help customers to reach their sustainability goals to promote climate change mitigation, the circular economy, biodiversity and human safety and wellbeing. Read more:

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Jouni Metsämäki, SVP, Head of Roofing, Ruukki Construction, [email protected]