SSAB pile products have now been added to database and product information is available for designers and contractors. 

Database includes both micropiles and large diameter piles. On micropiles, the database includes both RR and RD pile elements and pile pipes. Also all the accessories, rock shoes, base plates and bearing plates can be found from the database. On large diameter piles, the pile pipes and all different types of standard rock shoes are included.  

RT Tuotetietokanta can be found from here (in Finnish). 

RT card 

Beside adding pile products to database, also an RT card has been made on SSAB pile products and pressure pipes. The RT card gives shortly basic information on the products. More detailed and more technical information can be found from Design and installation manuals of the products. 

RT card can be found from here (in Finnish).

More information on RR® and RD® piles and RD® pile wall