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Roof renovation with quality materials while respecting traditions

The facade and roof of the building at Annankatu 28 in downtown Helsinki underwent extensive modernization in 2021 . The building’s history dates back more then 200 years, and it is owned by Salomaa Yhtiöt Oy.

Annankatu 28
Annankatu 28 building.

Project: Annankatu 28, Helsinki
Building owner: Salomaa Yhtiöt Oy
Roofing type: Standing seam roof
Material: SSAB GreenCoat TSP Legacy, 0.60 x 610 mm
Date 2021
Contractor Lujapelti Oy

The building houses, among other things, the company's business premises and a Fazer café. There have been workshops, apartments, business premises, restaurants, and offices under the roof at various times – and back in the day even a movie theater. The modernization project was intended to bring the building up-to-date and included repairs and an extension to the inner courtyard. The modernization work was done while respecting the building’s history and partial protected status. The firm JKMM Architects was responsible for the architectural planning and the main contractor was the construction company Jatke Oy.

Part of the historical building is protected and the part that underwent modernization required approval by the Finnish Heritage Agency. The building contains fine architectural details, which also occur on the roof.

The old standing seam roof and most of the substructure was demolished and, after that, bases for the new roof were constructed. An Icopal Flexisteel bituminous underlay was placed on top of the plate and a ventilation rib and base ribs on top of that. GreenCoat TSP Legacy, a primed galvanized steel sheet manufactured by SSAB, was chosen as the roofing material. The material is 0.60 mm thick.

The abbreviation TSP means TinSmith Pro; i.e. a steel grade specially developed by SSAB and intended for machine seaming and tinsmith work. Legacy TSP has been primed on a continuous line and has two paint layers on both sides. It is an excellent adhesion surface for painting immediately after installation work. GreenCoat TSP Legacy has been used successfully in the roof renovations of old, historically significant protected sites. It maintains the original spirit of the building, in terms of both appearance and work methods.

Roofing contractor’s comment:
Lujapelti Oy, Ville Mikkola and Miro Laine
“GreenCoat TSP Legacy works especially well as a roofing material. It is easy to work with, form and seam. Neither is it as slippery as a galvanized surface, for example, so that moving about on the roof is safer. Large schedule and cost savings can be made because painting can be done immediately after installation and there is no need acidify or let it patinate. Of course, GreenCoat Legacy must be washed before painting, but a pressure washer removes building dust and dirt well, resulting in a clean surface. I cannot think of anything negative to say about GreenCoat TSP Legacy”


GreenCoat TSP Legacy facts:

  • Specially developed for sites where painting work is to done after installation
  • The Legacy surface may be painted immediately after painting and washing
  • SSAB’s TSP steel is the best possible for machine seaming and tinsmith work
  • The steel is 0.60 mm thick; the mass of the zinc is 350 g/m2
  • GreenCoat Legacy delivers several benefits:
    • cost savings
    • schedule savings
    • quality end result
    • long lifecycle
    • moving about on the roof is safe



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