Steel plays a critical role in developing industries and building communities. One can say our world is built using steel, which is why it is used in every aspect of our lives. It’s 100% recyclable, strong, durable, and compared to other materials, requires relatively low amounts of energy to make.

However, the steel industry remains a significant source of CO2 emissions and global warming. Our planet needs more action to continue to reduce emissions. SSAB has been in forefront of sustainability for years, and recently strengthened its position as the leader in the green transition in the steel industry.

We need to share experiences to make the change happen

“The global climate change issue cannot be tackled by individual actions alone. Leading steel companies must work closely together to share experiences and take appropriate measures to mitigate climate change as quickly as possible,” says Martin Lindqvist, CEO of SSAB.

The goals of the Paris Agreement limiting global warming means bold decisions are needed throughout the steel industry. Steelmakers are required to fundamentally change the steel production process and to meet the climate goals through technological innovation.

Together with South Korean POSCO, SSAB is organizing a “Hydrogen Iron&Steel Making Forum 2022 (HyIS)” in Stockholm. Last year POSCO hosted a similar event, HyIS in Seoul, Korea.

Today we face an unprecedented challenge that needs to be addressed with all our strongest efforts. Only through cooperation we can significantly shorten the development period.

Three main agendas items for the Forum

The purpose of the Forum is to provide an overview of global climate change and discuss policies to reduce greenhouse gases, hydrogen iron and steelmaking technology, and progress updates of ongoing initiatives in hydrogen ironmaking technology.

At the Forum global steelmakers and stakeholders alike will hold in-depth discussions on three main topics:

1)      Transition to near zero emission steelmaking

2)      Value chain for near zero emission steel

3)      Science and technology policy for near zero emission steel

The focus is to provide a forum where steelmakers can promote collaboration and share advice, ideas and expertise on developing innovative technology to achieve carbon neutrality as well as to share experiences and roadmaps of the transformation for the industry.

The Forum will take place in Stockholm Sweden, Oct. 12-13, 2022.


Venue: Fotografiska Stockholm (invitation only) & online
Audience: The Forum is addressing to a broad audience including industry executives, innovative leaders, CTOs, R&D Directors, government officials etc.

More information:

For further information, please contact:
Mia Widell, Head of Corporate Communications, SSAB, [email protected], +46-765272501