Duroxite® 300 Wire has now been added to the Duroxite® range of overlay solutions from SSAB.

Hardfacing steel with Duroxite® 300 Wire creates a layer that stands up to extreme sliding wear. Duroxite® 300 Wire is a cost-effective alternative to tungsten carbide wire, providing equivalent service life and better impact resistance.

Suitable wherever there is extreme sliding wear

Any application experiencing extreme sliding wear in mining, power generation, cement, oil sand, steel production, waste handling, agriculture, pulp and paper industries, and construction will benefit from Duroxite® 300 Wire.

A list of applications can include crusher rolls, skip liners, slurry pipes and pumps, conveyor chains, excavator bucket liners, fan blades, deflector blades, crushers, surge bins, chutes, screw augers, grain shredding hammers, sugar mill knives, row crop sweeps, fracking blender pumps, snowplow shoes, demolition tools, and many more.

A high-tech layer for extreme wear performance

The Duroxite® 300 Wire overlay contains a uniquely high volume of ultra-fine tungsten-niobium-molybdenum-rich complex borocarbide phase with a grain size refined down to 500 nanometers (nm), which is about 1/100 of the width of a human hair.

The borocarbides are completely wetted in a ductile matrix preventing premature pull-out delamination, crack nucleation and bridging. This results in a product with significantly improved service life that maintains high toughness in the most severe sliding wear applications. 

Duroxite® 300 Wire is designed to be welded on carbon steel or low alloy steel substrate, except for austenitic alloys.

“The new Duroxite® 300 Wire brings new opportunities for sliding wear protection even in the most extreme wear environments. For more information about Duroxite® products and applications, visit www.duroxite.com. You can also call or send an email. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have on Duroxite®.” Lingyun Wei, Duroxite® product manager at SSAB.

A full portfolio of overlay products

The Duroxite® product range include overlay plates, pipes, pins as well as different welding consumables such as wire and electrodes for all positions welding and zero chrome wire when protection from chromium smoke is necessary. Duroxite® overlay products are available worldwide from SSAB