Duroxite® 200 Pipe is a new overlay pipe product with a hardfacing layer of chromium and complex carbides.

Duroxite® 200 Pipe is designed with extreme wear resistance for severe sliding wear applications. Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 steel pipe as well as tubing can be used as base pipes to make Duroxite® 200 Pipe. These pipes can be made as square-to-round transitions, elbows, T or Y-shapes, or as long sweeps.

Guaranteed performance in tough environments

The composition of the hardfacing layer on Duroxite® 200 Pipe results in a guaranteed wear resistance down to 75% of the layer’s thickness. This gives long and predictable service life in many wear-challenged industries, such as mining, cement, dredging and steel mills. Common applications include slurry pumps, chutes, dredging pipes, air ducts, carbon injection pipes, suction lines, and troughs.

Explaining the carbide microstructure

The microstructure of Duroxite® 200 Pipe contains primary chromium-rich carbides and refined multiple-alloy complex carbides with a typical hardness of 2500 to 3000 HK dispersed evenly in a ductile eutectic austenite matrix (HK is the Knoop microhardness used primarily for very brittle materials).

The typical volume fraction of primary chromium-rich carbides is maintained between 30 to 40% with 7 to 10% of multi-alloy complex carbides, which ensures high wear resistance and secure bonding to the base material.

A full portfolio of overlay products

The Duroxite® product range of overlay products include hard-faced plates, pipes and pins as well as different welding consumables such as wire and electrodes for all positions welding and zero chrome wire when protection from chromium smoke is necessary. Duroxite® overlay products are available worldwide from SSAB.