Duroxite overlay works especially well in sliding wear environments, where small and hard materials, such as coal with high quartz content, are processed. Duroxite can withstand different types of wear including abrasion, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion.

“Duroxite is tough on wear wherever it is applied. It is the natural choice for industries active in mining, energy, quarrying, cement production and other areas where abrasive materials require extremely hard surfaces,” explains Jim Chapple from Hardox Wearparts Center Tuscaloosa. “The good thing is that no special equipment is needed to install Duroxite. Welding, bolting and stud welding are the common methods for installing Duroxite wear parts or overlay plate onto equipment.”

Unique guarantees in the market

Duroxite comes with unique guarantees in the overlay market. Duroxite overlay products are delivered with an overlay thickness guaranteed to within +10%. When you order a ¼” (13,5 mm) overlay on a ¼”  (13,5 mm) base plate, you are guaranteed an overlay thickness of ¼” (13,5 mm) within ±10%. This is consistent throughout the plate and from plate to plate.  

Further, consistent wear properties are guaranteed throughout the overlay materials down to 75% of the overlay thickness as opposed to just the surface of the overlay. The remaining 25% of overlay is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the base plate.

One of Duroxite’s key benefits is its excellent formability due to a staggered cracking pattern on the overlay surface. This simplifies bending of the plate and ensures a smooth flow of the processed materials.

Unexpected benefits with Duroxite

CRH Canada Group Inc. has approximately 3,000 employees manufacturing cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete, and providing construction services to many of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects. The company is one of Canada’s largest vertically integrated building material and construction companies.

CRH Canada had earlier used Hardox wear plate for their equipment with good success. About 18 months ago, they started using SSAB’s Duroxite overlay for their cement mixers to protect the arm assembly. Duroxite made it possible to precut the parts and assemble them in the mixers, which allowed them to further improve their production efficiency since the blades no longer need to be changed as often.

Extra hard center lip shrouds and vertical jaw wing shrouds in buckets

“For example, buckets used in open cast coal mining and in the quarry segment are exposed to extremely hard wear. In some applications, mechanically attached castings from OEMs will break prematurely, leaving the lip exposed to wear. These premature breakages are caused by the loose fit of the casting to the base edge lip in the bucket. When visiting customers, we have offered to make custom lip and jaw shrouds of Duroxite 211 to fit tightly to the base edge lip and main vertical jaw where our shrouds are welded on,” says Jim Chapple.

“I think Duroxite 211 is the perfect product for this purpose. Each lip and vertical jaw shroud is first made from Hardox 450 before we apply a solid double pass complex carbide overlay wire by hand. This eliminates breakage and our shrouds provide extended wear life. This also eliminates the chance that the broken shroud can detach from the bucket and destroy expensive crusher parts. Once they have seen the benefits of Duroxite 211 weld on shrouds, no customer has gone back to mechanically attached shrouds,” adds Chapple.

“The most suitable Duroxite overlay product for the customer’s application depends on the material—whether rock, sand, gravel or other substance—hitting or sliding along the wear part surface. It also depends on the angle and speed of impact, and the operating temperature,” says Lingyun Wei, Duroxite Global Product Manager.


Duroxite 100

  • Fabricated by depositing chromium-rich, abrasion-resistant materials on mild steel backing
  • Multi-purpose overlay product with high quality and premium performance
  • Specially designed for severe abrasive environments
  • Appropriate for moderate to low impact applications
  • The multiple-layer overlay is capable of maintaining full wear resistance up to 350ºC (660ºF)

Duroxite 101 Hardox Base Plate

  • Employs stronger Hardox® base plate and chromium-rich overlay materials
  • Provides improved resistance against impact and plastic deformation
  • Greater safety margin compared to mild steel backing overlay products

Duroxite 210

  • Comprised of specially formulated abrasive-resistant materials deposited on
    mild steel backing plate
  • Primarily designed for severe abrasive wear and impact up to 600°C (1100°F)
  • Provides up to 4 times longer service life than Duroxite 100 due to its high proportion of
    extremely hard multiple-alloy carbides

Duroxite 211 Hardox Base Plate

  • Contains primary chromium carbides and refined multiple-alloy complex carbides deposited on
    strong Hardox® base plate
  • For severe wear and impact applications
  • Provides higher impact resistance than Duroxite 210 at both room and elevated temperatures up to 350°C (660°F), but impact performance is best at room temperature

Duroxite 400-NEW

  • Provides superior wear resistance in overlay and a tough inner core
  • Performs well when torqueing and surface compression are involved
  • Designed to outlast original equipment and manganese pins