Component package for SSAB pile products includes totally seven different components:

    -SSAB_RRPileMicro for small diameter driven RR pile sizes RR75-RR/RRs320
    -SSAB_RDPileMicro for small diameter drilled RD pile sizes RD90-RD/RDs320
    -SSAB_RRPileLarge for large diameter driven RR pile sizes RR400-RR1200
    -SSAB_RDPileLarge for large diameter drilled RD pile sizes RD400-RD1200
    -SSAB_MicroPileCap for standard pile caps
    -SSAB_PileWallRoute for RD pile wall
    -SSAB_PileForWall for single pile in RD pile wall

All new components and library files are available through Tekla Warehouse, the Tekla Structures BIM storage.

Compatibility with old version

Version number of the updated component is 2.0. The changes especially for standard pile caps have been so extensive, that component is not anymore compatible with older versions.

If you have been using old version of the components in some projects, you should complete those projects with that component version. New version should be taken in to use with new projects.

Version number of the component in use is now also visible at the top of the component dialogue.

Figure 1. Component number shown at the top of the dialogue.

Pile elements with mechanical splices and rock shoes for RR270

Mechanical splices for RR270 pile size have been added to component. RR pile elements with mechanical splices are now available for RR270 with both wall thicknesses 10 mm and 12.5 mm as well as with both steel grades S460MH and S550J2H.

Also mechanically attached rock shoes are now available for RR270 pile size.

Figure 2. RRs270/12.5 pile in pile component (upper) and in standard pile cap component (lower).

New pile size RRs170/12.5

Also new pile size RRs170/12.5 has been added to component.

Remember also custom profile files

Some Tekla Structures versions and country setups do not include all necessary profiles for SSAB piles. For the missing profiles, there are also two library files available. 1st file includes some CFCHS profiles for piles and 2nd includes connector profiles for RD pile walls.


SSAB’s design tools for Pile Products are free and can be downloaded from

More information on Designer tools