Widely known in architectural design for their high durability in roofs, faҫades and roof drainage, GreenCoat® color coated steels from SSAB now achieve the highest classifications in the new UV and RC corrosion standards (prEN 10169:2022).

Long product life is essential for sustainable buildings

Our future cities and homes have to be built sustainably. Resource scarcity and building regulations transform the classical construction industry into a more sustainable one. Long product life plays an important role when specifying building materials. They have to withstand the highest corrosion and wear as well as UV radiation to ensure buildings last for many decades to come. The new UV and RC corrosion classes ensure that building products have an extremely long product life, which has already been confirmed by SSAB’s GreenCoat® guarantees.

Introducing new classes Ruv5 and RC5+ for higher UV and corrosion standards

While these new classes use the same testing methods as previous classes, testing times are extended. Test duration for Ruv5 is either 4 years in natural exposure or 4000h in artificial UV radiation (for Ruv2 to 4 classes, it is 2 years and 2000h in artificial UV radiation). The test duration for RC5+ is 4 years in natural exposure (for RC3-5 it is 2 years and for RC2 1 year). As an example, widely known GreenCoat Pural BT color coated steel that is mostly used in roofing now achieves the highest UV and corrosion standards: Ruv5 (in matt appearance) and RC5+ (both matt and regular gloss appearance).

40 years of outdoor testing in harsh environments

GreenCoat® guarantees are based on over 40 years of experience at SSAB’saccredited outdoor testing sites. All GreenCoat® products are extensively tested for UV stability and corrosion resistance in real outdoor conditions. All products come with an extensive performance and finish guarantee. This ensures against corrosion such as rust and white rust as well as fading and other flaws in the finish.

SSAB’s fossil-free steel and bio-based coatings

Already today, GreenCoat® color coated steels offer builders a level of sustainability found nowhere else on the market, featuring a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil oil in their coating. On top, from 2026, SSAB will offer commercial amounts of fossil-free steel. The by-product from SSAB’s steel making process will then be water instead of carbon dioxide.


GreenCoat® aims to continue to meet and exceed sustainable building standards. Reaching the highest levels in UV and corrosion standards is another step towards this goal.



Photo text:

  1. Svärtvik, located in the Swedish archipelago, is a private sports cabin from the sixties. 3dO Arkitekter transformed it into a beautiful and maintenance-free pavilion using sustainable GreenCoat PLX Pro BT color coated steel in standing seams on the roof and façade; this GreenCoat® product offers the highest RC5+ corrosion classification for long product life.
  2. 40 years of outdoor testing in harsh environment ensures buildings with long life.



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