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Users of Joper’s tipper bodies made from Hardox® steel say accidents are down by more than 30%

Set deep in the Mexican desert, Joper has been manufacturing agricultural and construction equipment for more than six decades. Its Volteo Pegaso tipper body made from SSAB’s Hardox® 450 wear plate delivers superior durability, productivity and safety to mining, construction and agricultural sites across the Americas.

“Here in Latin America, the typical end-user wants to see a monster truck with very thick frames or they think it’s not robust enough,” says Rodrigo E. Pérez Garza, Commercial Director of Joper and grandson of the founder.

“Customers are amazed by the lightweight products we make with SSAB steel because, not only are they more aesthetically beautiful, they can also take higher payloads and they last longer than other tipper bodies,” he continues.

The Durango province in northwestern Mexico is a landlocked, mainly rural region, consisting of mountains, arid desert and semi-desert areas. It was here that Jorge Pérez founded Joper in 1960, making attachments for the local agricultural industry. Later, Joper, which is currently run by Pérez’ three grandsons, expanded into equipment for construction and mining, and now supplies mining, construction and agriculture customers across the Americas.

“Customers are amazed by the lightweight products we make with SSAB steel because, not only are they more aesthetically beautiful, they can also take higher payloads and they last longer than other tipper bodies.”

Rodrigo E. Pérez Garza, Commercial Director at Joper

Multi-purpose tipper body made from Hardox® wear plate

Rodrigo Pérez explains that Joper started making its Volteo Pegaso tipper body in 2005 and went on to gradually improve it over the years. Today, this multi-purpose, tipper body is available in sizes from 7 to 14 cubic meters, and can be used across a wide variety of applications and markets with only minimal alterations.

“Initially we used standard steel,” he admits, adding: “But, since SSAB got involved in 2010, they’ve helped us develop a bullet-proof product for almost any application. We do great business with it and our customers are very happy.”

Since 2008, Joper has exclusively used Hardox® 450 wear plate throughout the Volteo Pegaso by Joper tipper body, with six-millimeter thickness in the floor, sides, door and shell. Additionally, Strenx® steel is used in the ribs and cabin protection. Strenx® is a high-strength steel that makes the products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable.


Hardox® steel benefits the bottom line

“Even though Hardox wear plate costs more than standard steel, our customers have been quick to recognize that, by investing upfront, their bottom line benefits in the long run – and they also have lower risk and fewer accidents,” continues Pérez.

Since making the switch to Hardox® wear plate, Joper has reduced the weight of its tipper body by 20%. Meanwhile, it is able to carry 18% more volume. This translates to significant fuel savings, as well as reduced wear and tear on critical parts such as tires and brakes. Last, but certainly not least, Joper’s customers report that the lighter body has led to a massive 30% reduction in on-site accidents.

While Joper’s customers are enjoying the superior characteristics offered by Hardox® steel Pérez says the partnership with SSAB has resulted in other advantages for his company that go far beyond material choice.

“People pay more for SSAB, not just because of the steel itself, but because of the relationship and the way they help us, their partners, optimize resources and do things in the most cost-efficient way,” he says, adding that Joper has registered double-digit savings, due to the reduced overheads that have resulted from the efficiency and productivity improvements proposed by SSAB.

Hardox® In My Body: an international stamp of quality

Since Joper joined the Hardox® In My Body customer program, it has benefited not only from SSAB’s process expertise but also from the stamp of quality that the certification represents internationally.

“When you visit a customer for the first time, you inevitably get asked a lot of questions about your steel,” explains Pérez. “These days, it doesn’t matter if I’m visiting a mining company in Chile or Canada, once I tell them my tipper body is Hardox In My Body certified, they know what it means and are immediately comfortable.”

“End users all over the world know that we are using genuine Hardox wear plates and that we are welding, bending and rolling them in accordance with SSAB best practice,” Rodrigo Pérez concludes, adding that, “Hardox In My Body membership has become one of our top features when selling our tipper bodies around the world.”

About Joper

  • Mexican manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment
  • Founded in 1960, Joper is a third-generation, family-run company
  • Exports products across the Americas, from Canada in the north to Argentina in the south


SSAB steel used in Joper products


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