Qualification course for piling rig operators

AEL-Amiedu Oy/Taitotalo in co-operation with Piling Committee of Finnish Geotechnical Society is arranging qualification courses for piling rig operators. Operators who complete the course will have a further vocational qualification and a certificate on piling works. This certificate allows to work as a piling rig operator in projects where most demanding level of piling, piling work class 3, is in use.

Current course is second time this qualification course is held. First course was started in autumn 2020 and participants had one year to complete the qualification. “From first course almost all participants have graduated” says Timo Rajala from Taitotalo, teacher responsible of the course. “All the participants in both of these courses have been working as piling rig operators already for many years and they have good motivation on completing the course”, he continues.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is updating instructions and requirements for bridges and other infrastructure projects. Requirement for qualified piling rig operators will also be added in near future. This requirement will increase the need for qualified operators and more courses are planned for the future.


Theory and practice


Course consists of theory and practice. First there are four days of theory, which contain geotechnical aspects, safety on site, different pile types and many other topics related to piling works. First three days are always the same, but fourth day has little variation depending on the piling method. On first course this fourth day was concentrating on pile driving with heavy equipment and on this second course the fourth day concentrates on drilling of piles.

Figure 1. Antti Perälä from SSAB having a lecture on steel piles for piling rig operators.

After these theory days the students will give a competence demonstration at normal piling site. This demonstration is followed by teacher from Taitotalo together with a specialist in competence-based qualifications. The specialists are persons who have wide experience on piling works. Together the teacher and the specialist are assessing the working of the piling rig operator.



Finnish Geotechnical Society 


More information on RR® and RD® piles and RD® pile wallwww.ssab.com/infra