SSAB delivered pre-painted 27.5 meters long RR piles to foundation of new pedestrian bridge in Tallinn Old City Harbour. RR800/15 and RR800/20 piles were produced in SSAB Oulainen Works, pre-painted in FSP Raahe and then delivered in one piece to the job site by trucks. Total amount of steel delivered by SSAB was approximately 120 tons.

Foundation work of the Tallinn Old new pedestrian bridge started autumn 2020 by the contractor KMG Inseneriehituse AS. KMG Inseneriehituse AS is active in civil engineering, including constructing energetic facilities (power plants), ports, water-treatment plants, landfills, highways, overpasses, railways etc. Main office is located in Tallinn. KMG Inseneriehituse AS was founded in 2007.

New bridge will connect A- and D terminal for easier connection between them. Because the bridge connects to quay´s and the boat-traffic remains there, then the bridge will be built as first movable bridge in Estonia. The bridge itself is going to be a part of Tallinn Harbor development plan and will came for sure one of the greatest landmark in the harbor. Foundation work has already finished and the opening of the bridge is planned to be in summer 2021.

Source: Port of Tallinn

For the whole time KMG had a plan of delivering the piles in one 27,5m pieces to ensure the quality. SSAB met the challenge and delivered them in one piece. Also using SSAB RR piles in one piece and already painted saved time and transportation costs.

“We consulted SSAB already in the design phase and SSAB offered their support in planning the installation method. It was good to have that type of support already at the beginning of the process.” says Project Manager Janno Oja from KMG.

The most challenging part of the pilling work was to ensure the accuracy of the piles in installation process. Together KMG and the subcontractor found a solution that suited them and overall result was excellent.