RRPileCalc and PileWallCalc, calculation programs for SSAB steel piles and retaining walls were updated in summer.

Check that you are using the latest versions to ensure all newest features. This can be done easily from lower right hand corner of the program. Latest versions are; RRPileCalc and PileWallCalc

New RR245 pile size added

SSAB’s new pile size RR245 has been added to library. RR245 pile size contains totally 4 different piles; RR245/10, RRs245/10, RR245/12.5 and RRs245/12.5.

RR245 pile size was launched in spring 2020 and it comes with mechanical splices and rock shoes.

Calculation of local buckling resistance updated

Both programs are now updated to follow the latest version of EN 1993-1-6 in calculation of local buckling resistance. Local buckling resistance needs to be calculated if steel cross-section belongs to cross-section class 4.

Due to changes in EN 1993-1-6 the local buckling resistance increased little for cross-sections close to cross-section class 3. Comparison between old version and current version of the standard is shown in Figure 1. In local buckling the slenderness increases when relation D/t (diameter / wall thickness) increases, i.e. large diameter and small wall thickness means slender cross-section. RR1200/10 represents one of the most slender piles in SSAB’s portfolio when considering local buckling. Other SSAB pile sizes are settled left from RR1200/10 in Figure 1. 

Many minor improvements and fixes

Beside above mentioned updates, both programs have many minor improvements. These improvements are related to for example saving of calculations, language settings and user interface.


Both of the programs are free and the installation packages can be downloaded from Infra design tools.

More information on Designer tools www.ssab.com/infra