Owing to the prevailing uncertainty in society caused by Covid-19 and its effects on industrial production and on the economy in general, the Nomination Committee proposes that its current proposal to increase the Board fees and compensation paid for committee work to be submitted for the resolution of the Annual General Meeting on April 1, 2020 (point 9 on the AGM agenda), be replaced by a proposal to keep the fees and compensation unchanged.

Unchanged fees implies (payments in SEK 1,000):

  • Chairman of the Board: SEK 1,800

  • Other directors (not employed by the Group):  SEK 600

  • Chairman of the Audit Committee: SEK 225

  • Other members of the Audit Committee: SEK 135

  • Chairman of the Remuneration Committee : SEK 170

  • Members of the Remuneration Committee: SEK 110


For questions, please contact:
Per Hillström, Head of IR, [email protected], tel. + 46 70 295 2912