SSAB participated at the Pelekurs 2019 -event in Oslo on November 6-7th. Over 230 foundation business professionals gathered to learn about new national annexes from Norwegian Geotechnical Society (NGF), including for example the basis for choosing different pile types and what kind of benefits and challenges they involve.

SSAB’s Steel pile products were presented at a stand during the event to get in contact with our customers, designers and decision makers. This was a great opportunity to discuss about coming projects in the Norwegian market and what are the benefits using our products. There was a model of our micro pile and large diameter pile systems as well as a model of the new RDT pile with threaded sleeve splice presented at our stand. Also design tool RRPileCalc was displayed on the screen.

“There are still designers that don’t have a lot of knowledge regarding SSAB’s steel pile offering. Especially the knowledge of SSAB’s micro pile system including accessories and availability of different strengths need to be highlighted. Visitors at our stand were interested to look at our sample pieces and discuss about our RRPileCalc design tool and new RD Pile wall.” says Sondre Smeland, Technical Manager, SSAB Europe.