SSAB delivered 455 tons of dolphin piles for Sluice Langwedel in Germany

As part of the adaptation of the Mittelweser to the traffic with large motor cargo vessels, the anchoring area of the sluice Langwedel has to be expanded. In the harbors are moorings and the start- and waiting areas in front of the sluice. In order to ensure a sufficient safety distance between the standing and the passing ships, the harbors on the right side are widened. The work will be done by Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG from Papenburg, business segment Hydraulic Engineering. Construction will continue until mid-2020. Johann Bunte required a wide range of pile dimensions. SSAB was able to cover this demand.

SSAB supplied a total of 456 tons for the footbridge, the moorings, landing places and steering gear (with fender). The delivery consists RR600/17.5; RR750/16.0; RR1000/22.0 and RR1200/17.5. The heaviest dolphins have weight of 12 tons and a length of 22 meters. Especially important for Johann Bunte was the flexible delivery of the piles because the installation was supported by a mobile crane. With project oriented logistic concept, Bunte could order single trucks to site in accordance to the speed of installation.