As part of its total workshop solution, SSAB is now making its product range of quality steel welding consumables and machine tools available to SSAB customers in Europe. This made-to-match range is specially designed to simplify welding and machining high-strength steels like Hardox® wear plate. The products are available for immediate online order.

SSAB has initiated technical partnerships to bring these products to market so that anyone can utilize the full potential of SSAB steels. Experts from SSAB have carefully tested the performance of these tools with Hardox® wear plate in stationary and radial drill machines as well as CNC machines. The products have also been pre-launched to Hardox Wearparts centers, wear specialists around the world who provide parts and repair services that meet the highest professional standards.

Products and support from the experts in high-strength steel
Hardox® wear plate is known for its good workshop properties. With the proper machine tools, the right know-how and a good filler, it can be processed with optimum results. This is why SSAB is now supporting fabricators with a product range backed by decades of experience in processing high-strength steels and a track record of outstanding customer support.

“Through our technical partnerships and close customer relationships, SSAB intends to drive a broader adoption of high-strength steels that are stronger, lighter and more sustainable,” says Josefin Aspegren, Head of Workshop Solutions at SSAB Services. “This benefits everyone in the value chain: on a practical level, fabricators get the tools they need to work the high-strength steel and achieve the best results, while end users and society at large can benefit from equipment and machinery that lasts longer and does more with less steel,” she says.

Benefits of made-to-match welding consumables
The welding consumable range includes solid, flux-cored and metal-cored wires as well as stick electrodes, and both are available as black and stainless steel consumables. All wires are sold in 15-18 kilogram packages or in bulk, for even greater workshop productivity.

  • Avoid risk of hydrogen cracking, whether in the workshop or tough off-site environments
  • Get an excellent weld appearance and low weld spatter
  • Achieve higher productivity with fit-to-purpose flux cored and metal cored wires
  • Specially designed for welding high-strength steels, but can even be used for mild or stainless steels

Benefits of made-to-match counterbore and countersink sets
The machine toolset includes countersink and counterbore sets as well as HSS-Co8% drills. All enable the efficient high-performance machining of Hardox® wear plate, even without CNC machines.

In-house testing of the machine tools has shown that countersinking an M16 screw can be done 95% faster with SSAB’s countersink set.

  • Machine faster and more accurately with fit-for-purpose, made-to-match toolsets
  • Smart toolset design with interchangeable parts that can be switched in seconds
  • Save time and money in the long term thanks to exchangeable inserts

How to order or get more information
To order, or for more information about availability in your country, please contact your local sales representative or send an email to [email protected].

For further information, please contact:
Josefin Aspegren, Head of Workshop Solutions at SSAB Services
[email protected]

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