Town house Risteilijänranta is being built with strong RRs piles in Naantali, Finland. There will be 24 apartments standing on 180 steel piles by the seaside of Naantali. The project by MH-Rakennetekniikka Oy will be completed in August 2020. The driven RRs125/6.3 pile size is ideal for this type of purpose. It is both cost-effective and easy to install. SSAB has delivered in total 2.7 kilometers of steel piles to the project. Pile lengths have varied between 12 to 20 meters. “When building needs to be founded on piles, we have usually worked with piling contractor Auranmaan Teräspaaluttajat. They are our reliable, long-term partner. SSAB RRs125/6.3 piles were used at this site. It is a suitable and cost-effective type of pile for this type of project”, says Jouni Hujanen, Managing Director of MH-Rakennetekniikka Oy.

Auranmaan Teräspaaluttajat Oy was responsible for the piling work at the job site. The steel piling company serves both private house builders and construction companies. Toni Sillanpää, Managing Director of Auranmaan Teräspaaluttajat Oy, is pleased with the choice of strong RRs piles in Naantali. “The soil was challenging for piling, but the piling work went smoothly. The pile type RRs125/6.3 was the right choice because of its excellent installation capabilities in these kind of challenging soil conditions”, he says.

Residential buildings are increasingly located in areas where technically reliable construction requires the use of piles. Steel piling of residential buildings is easy and it can always be considered as an investment that adds value to the building. The pile sizes are optimized according to the loads on the piles. At the same time, the resistance of the piles can be utilized efficiently. For example, porches and other lightly loaded structures can be set up with smaller piles, so the use of oversized piles does not entail additional costs.

SSAB has developed robust RRs piles for the RR® piles product family, which are more cost effective piles for building construction. Because the piles are made of stronger S550J2H steel grade, their resistance is even 25 % higher than that of ordinary RR piles. When the resistance of the piles is better, they are less needed.