Driven by customer demand, SSAB continues to invest in creating a more complex diverse range of services. The latest addition in machinery will allow SSAB to serve customers with a wider range of products and create new possibilities for innovative solutions. Allowing SSAB to perform steel processing in combination with engineering services will enable customers to speed up the development and time to market of their products.

“Many of our excellent and long-term customers have developed fantastic products and continue to drive innovation, and they expect us to follow suit. In order for SSAB to serve our customers with both capacity and capability, we have decided to invest in new machines. There is clear market demand and this will support our customers in their future developments as well,” says Jonas Gozzi, Head of Shape Projects.

The new press brake has a maximum press power of 2000t, which makes it optimal for forming thicker materials up to 12.2 meters in length, and powerful control systems enabling high accuracy on the final product’s tolerance. It also features a patent pending technology that allows for the forming of completely unique parts with an extremely narrow radius. A control system in the press enables energy saving of up to 90% that of a conventional machine, reducing the environmental footprint of the production process.

“The combination of SSAB’s high-strength steels, such as Strenx and Hardox, and the press brake has allowed for completely new possibilities for lighter, stronger and more sustainable products. The combination of the new, patent pending forming technique and the machine’s CNC control system enable us to deliver high accuracy details in a stable process. Every delivery will fit right in, reducing assembly time for our customers,” explains Tobias Svensson, Managing Director of SSAB Poland.

The laser-cutting machine nicely complements our plasma and flame cutting capabilities. It is a more suitable choice for cutting thinner dimensions of advanced high-strength steel allowing for narrow tolerances and high-quality edges.

“The laser cutting machine fills a gap in the market for large-size, high-quality details. Our machine fits right in with a flexible 3d head, a powerful 6kW laser source and a table of 14 x 4.1 meters,” says Svensson.

The SSAB Shape service center in Oborniki, Poland offers numerous design, processing and prefabrication services for manufacturers looking to create new and innovative products, reduce assembly times and utilize the full benefits of the steel grade chosen.

The new investments in machinery will benefit customers that share SSAB’s drive for innovation, uniqueness, and a more sustainable world. Those looking for engineering and product solutions can contact SSAB Services for more information and assistance.

Around 130 manufacturing executives and representatives from SSAB, including SSAB CEO Martin Lindqvist, met at the SSAB Shape steel service center in Oborniki on March 7th. After inspirational seminars and a plant tour, they were given an exclusive demonstration of the new laser cutting machine and press brake that began operations in Q4 of 2018.

For further information, please contact:
Tobias Svensson, Managing Director of SSAB Poland
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Jonas Gozzi, Head of Shape Projects, SSAB
Phone: +46 70 238 8343, E-mail: [email protected]