Name Kati HannilaSSAB blog image
Location Raahe/Hämeenlinna
Date 22.2.2019

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor who saves the world. Looking back, I realize this was not the easiest task – but who doesn’t want to save the world? Years passed, and the dream of saving the world still continued. Later I realized that I can be something other than a doctor and still have an impact. I could be part of something that helps the environment and makes a difference. In my opinion, that is one of the ways to save the world. 

I studied process engineering at the University of Oulu. My major was industrial engineering and management, more specifically, statistical process management. At the beginning of my studies, I wasn’t especially interested in statistics. I started to realize the value of statistics when the right courses came along in my studies. For example, the development department uses statistics every day to control and improve processes. One could even say that without any data or analyses of it, there is no possibility of improvement.

I’m currently working in the trainee program at SSAB. This year has focused on product development. My particular focus is in automotive steels and it has been the most interesting journey for me. At first, there was a learning curve as I needed to admit that my knowledge was a bit lacking regarding automotive steels. That’s why, I studied and studied some more. Today, I still need to study, but every day my knowledge grows. I have found that my background with statistical skills is helping me a lot with new products.

Environmental thinking is the main reason why I really want to learn everything about automotive steels. Actually, with special steels, we can change the world faster and more efficiently than just by forbidding every raw material that pollutes. By making stronger and better ductile steels, we can reduce the weight of cars and fuel consumption. Reducing fuel consumption leads to lower emissions, which plays a part in saving the world – or it’s at least a start. I know that my impact alone is not going to save the world. But, fortunately, I am not the only one working with automotive steels to have a positive impact. Together, maybe we are getting a little bit closer to our goals for more environmental sustainability.