The company has an intimate connection to the area and the industry – and to Hardox® wear plate. Headquartered in Genoa, just 100 kilometers northwest of Carrara, Lameter was one of the first manufacturers anywhere to make earthmoving machinery for marble quarries. And it has been faithfully using Hardox® since the end of the 1980s, when the steel was imported to Italy for the very first time.

Custom-tailored wheel loader and excavator attachments for a perfect fit 

The elegant and enduring marble from this region is used in a wide variety of products, as are the custom attachments from Lameter. They manufacture excavator attachments, buckets and ripper teeth, along with wheel loader attachments like forklifts, quick couplers and bulldozer blades, as well as special equipment for waste handling. 

Each piece is tailored to the precise requirements of the customer.

“It’s like a perfectly cut Armani suit,” says Giulio Riccardi, who owns the family-run company together with his brother Giovanni. “We don’t produce series. We tailor each attachment to specific customer requirements and end uses.”

Lameter supplies its long-wearing, high-quality products to some of the biggest names in the industry. They are an official supplier to Volvo and also count Hitachi, Komatsu Europe and some Caterpillar dealers among their customers.

Digging for productivity in a tough environment

Maximum equipment uptime is vital in the mining and quarrying industries. Vast volumes of materials are handled around the clock by machines with a huge load capacity, often in remote and harsh locations. 

Earthmoving and excavation equipment and attachments must be robust enough to withstand this environment. And they need to operate for long, uninterrupted periods without a break – all while remaining as fuel-efficient as possible.

Hard and tough Hardox® wear plate in the company’s products means less wear and less weight. According to Riccardi, the steel’s high wear and abrasion resistance helps to increase service life as well as to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the equipment. 

“You’ll finish all of your jobs before the attachment even needs to be replaced!” Riccardi says.

The Hardox In My Body program – A sign of quality

Lameter is no stranger to quality certifications. The company holds ISO certification for quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety. And since it became a member of the Hardox® In My Body program in 2002, many of its products are certified Hardox® In My Body attachments. 

This certified member program, unique in the industry, is strictly limited to companies with a proven track record of excellence in the fabrication and use of steel from SSAB. 

Companies whose products are approved by SSAB receive a logo sign that they can attach to their products for marketing purposes. The sign also comes with a unique serial number that verifies authenticity and allows traceability back to the production source. Each product with a sign is approved individually as a guarantee to end users that they are getting a quality product, where the production quality, welding and design meet defined standards.

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With SSAB’s help, Lameter has grown from its roots in Italy to become a key global supplier to quarries and mines worldwide – from Scandinavia to Siberia, Australia to Africa and Alaska to Chile.

To find out more about Lameter’s excavator attachments, buckets and other products, or the many benefits they gain from being a Hardox® In My Body member, visit them at Stand B5.338 at Bauma Munich 2019.


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