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In fact, K-Tec has built the 1263 ADT – the world’s largest dirt-moving scraper – largely from Hardox® wear plate. The company has achieved a bigger market presence, too, in a highly competitive market by leveraging its long-standing collaboration with SSAB and its image as a premium brand thanks to its membership in the program.

Building innovations and a solid reputation with Hardox® wear plate

With the help of Hardox® steel, K-Tec was able to refine the scraper’s design. The result was a durable yet lightweight solution with a weight distribution system that enables the scraper to move massive amounts of dirt without the need for excessive horsepower and fuel.

Because of the enhanced strength characteristics of the steel and the machine design, the company is able to offer a 3-year structural warranty – something extremely valuable for any construction contractor. Additionally, the use of high-tensile Hardox® wear plate has enabled the company to build the lightest scraper per cubic-yard capacity on the market. This way, contractors can haul around less iron and more dirt, and enhance their profitability.

For brand strength as strong as steel

The year 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of K-Tec’s membership in the Hardox® In My Body program. In fact, K-Tec was the first scraper manufacturer to become a member of SSAB’s highly coveted brand program in the heavy construction industry.

The Hardox® In My Body sign on a product verifies that it is manufactured using genuine Hardox® steel. It is also a sign of a premium product that delivers superior resistance to wear, dents and cracks even under the harshest conditions. Only leading manufacturers whose products meet SSAB’s strict quality requirements for the welding, design and manufacturing processes are granted licenses to put this logo on their products. 

Within the span of their 10-year membership, the company has seen its market presence expand in additional countries. Thanks to the mutual collaboration between K-Tec and SSAB, and backed by the brand strength of Hardox® In My Body, K-Tec has been able to shorten the time it takes to establish itself in new markets. 

Hardox® steel helps improve resale value of used equipment

For those who buy or sell heavy equipment, especially in large quantities or for entire fleets, there’s a lot at stake. It’s a huge financial investment, and equipment owners need to get the best value and make their investments last well into the future. Selling equipment at top value that is no longer useful is important so that additional items can be acquired easily.

The condition of the equipment is a major factor that determines its final selling price. A high-quality vehicle with little wear and tear, together with strong brand recognition, will help it retain its value for years to come. 

K-Tec has found that their pull scrapers made from Hardox® steel command the highest resale prices on the secondary market for pull scrapers. In fact, every K-Tec scraper ever manufactured is still in working condition to date.

Demand Hardox® wear plate in your heavy equipment for these rock-solid benefits

Higher resale value due to the good condition of the equipment
Optimized payloads
Reduced operating and labor costs
A more sustainable solution that uses less material
Better fuel efficiency with stronger, lighter equipment