Extensively tried and tested, GreenCoat Crown BT has been developed to withstand the harshest climates and ensure high color retention in tile profiles, modular roofs and lock form roofs as well as in sandwich panels and wall cladding.

GreenCoat Crown BT combines good technical features like UV radiation (Ruv3) and corrosion resistance (RC4) with a sustainable, Bio-based Technology (BT) coating where a substantial portion of fossil fuel oil has been replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil. The result is a high performance, very formable and easy to maintain building product with excellent batch-to-batch color consistency in the matt finish that is optimal for modular roofing.

GreenCoat Crown BT, like all SSAB color coated products, complies with current REACH regulations and is fully free of chromates. In addition, steel is 100 percent recyclable.

Modern, sustainable building trends 

Current building statistics show that the demand for sustainable materials in buildings is on the rise. To address these modern building trends and their growing popularity worldwide, GreenCoat Crown BT now offers builders a level of sustainability found nowhere else on the market.

“Sustainability is no longer a choice among architects and builders. With our premium GreenCoat® color coated steels, we provide the most sustainable products with superior technical properties for the building industry,” says Olavi Huhtala, Executive Vice President SSAB Europe at SSAB Group.

Developed together with partners 

GreenCoat Crown BT is the result of extensive product development collaboration involving consumer feedback, observing test results and utilizing the expertise of our partners. The end result is a product that combines the vision to deliver high-performance for greener living.

GreenCoat Crown BT is available in regular gloss and matt finishes. The slightly textured appearance falls in line with modern architectural trends and the color offering, inspired by Nordic nature, has been developed based on feedback from leading architects and builders.

Photo Text:

-          Olavi Huhtala, Executive Vice President SSAB Europe at SSAB Group.

-          GreenCoat Crown BT retains its color for years to come, even in the face of harsh weather and UV exposure.

For further information, please contact:
Anke Meyer, Corporate Marketing, SSAB, Phone: +49 1724244309, [email protected]