SSAB has updated several pile related manuals and instructions. Also design software RRPileCalc has been updated. In addition to updates, also a new manual has been made to answer the demands from customers and designers. New quick design tables for Combi wall structures make comparison of structures faster and easier. Updates for manuals are due to changes in EN standards and also changes in pile materials in Finnish market.

Design and installation manuals for RR® and RD® piles have been updated

SSAB’s Design and Installation Manuals for RR® and RD® piles are intended to facilitate the design and implementation of piling. They are based on EN standards and national requirements.

All language versions of Design and installation manuals for RR and RD piles have been updated during May. Updates include for example change of steel grade S440J2H on micropiles to steel grade S460MH in Finland. Old tables with resistance values for piles made of S440J2H steel grade have been gathered to new Appendix 4, which is available as separate pdf file. Also references to recently updated EN standards have been revised in all language and country versions, for example standards of requirements for welding operators and some recommended welding consumables have been updated.

RR and RD pile related updated and new manuals:

  • Design and installation manual, FI, EN and SE versions
  • Appendix 4 for S440J2H steel grades piles in Finland, FI and EN versions, NEW
  • Welding instructions for piles made of S550J2H steel grade in Sweden, NEW
  • End-of-driving criteria, Finland, FI and EN versions
  • Tables for piles made of S550J2H steel grade, old Finnish national standards, FI version

Quick design tables for Combi wall structures

Combi wall structures made of pile pipes and sheet piles are often used in harbor structures. New quick design tables enable a fast resistance comparison between different structure types. Also comparison between different steel grades; S355J2H, S440J2H and S550J2H is made easy. Tables include bending moment resistances for all these steel grades.

For large diameter piles with thin wall thickness, a local buckling can limit resistance. This has been taken into consideration in these new tables. A reduces resistance for cross-section class 4 profiles has been calculated according to instructions given in EN 1993-1-6. All diameter-wall thickness-steel grade combination in cross-sections class 4 have been marked with * just next to resistance value.

DWG files for standard foundations

For Finnish markets SSAB offers also manual for ready designed standard foundations. The manual contains concrete footings for 2, 3, 4 and 5 piles with ready calculated reinforcements.

Alongside the manual there are also DWG files and Tekla Structures component available for the footings. Errors found from DWG files have now been fixed and new version is available for downloading.

Design software RRPileCalc has been updated

Mostly due to above mentioned change of steel grade used in RR piles in Finland, also RRPileCalc design software has been updated. Update contains also some small bug fixes. New version number is