SSAB announces the launch of Duroxite™ 100 Wire, a flux-cored welding wire for hardfacing components subject to sliding wear and moderate to low impact applications using an open arc welding process. The wire is an ideal solution for companies that are installing, assembling or repairing wear parts subject to sliding wear particularly in the mining, dredging, cement, and power industries.

Typical applications for Duroxite™ 100 Wire include crusher hammers, coke hammers, gyratory crusher cones and mantles, dredging pumps, dragline bucket liners, among others.

Fabricators can use the wire for cap welding their Duroxite™ 100 products and be assured that the weld will have the same wear resistance resulting in a consistent service life throughout the overlay product. In addition, the final overlay deposit using the wire will have similar properties as the Duroxite™ 100 overlay plate and pipe including chemistry, surface hardness and working temperature making it a perfect match for any hardfacing welding needed on Duroxite 100 overlay products.

Duroxite™ 100 Wire is the newest addition to SSAB’s expanding overlay product portfolio and is available globally from Hardox Wearparts, the world’s leading provider of wear parts and wear services. With more than 300 centers in over 80 countries, there is always a Hardox Wearparts® center close to you.

For more information on Duroxite™ 100 Wire, please visit the Duroxite™ website.