Already a winner of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) Awards 2017, the former shepherd’s cottage located in Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands, was rescued from dilapidation by Gillian Scampton, Pedder & Scampton Architects and Andrew Barnett, Hopkins Architects, London. 

Originally, the shepherd’s cottage with a red tin roof was considered a landmark by local residents in the area. The entire project comprised of the renovation, adaptation, and extension of the cottage, where much of the original structure was repurposed and recyclable materials were used. The architects also took advantage of solar gain, an air source heat pump as well as materials with high thermal mass.

The cottage retains much of the original stone walls and utilizes a red corrugated color coated steel roof made from sustainable GreenCoat® steel. SSAB, who manufactures GreenCoat® steel products, is a company recognized worldwide for producing one of the world’s best steels.

“GreenCoat® steel is very workable and pliable and can be folded to tight tolerances, which you can do while keeping the coating intact,” explains Andrew Barnett, Hopkins Architects, London.

The Fernaig Cottage roof installation went smoothly and thanks to the low temperature elongation, the result was a clean look without buckling or deformation for years to come.

GreenCoat® steels are widely known in the building industry for their long color retention and resistance to UV radiation as well as scratches. They feature Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating making them the most sustainable color coated steel products on the market. GreenCoat® steels have been developed for harsh weather conditions and are highly resistant to corrosion.

“It was a fantastic discovery that the coating is made with Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil fuel oil. It just fell into our sustainable strategy for the entire project,” explains Gillian Scampton, Pedder & Scampton Architects, London.

The RIBA House of the Year is awarded to the best new house designed by an architect in the UK and will be broadcasted on November 7th as part of Grand Designs: House of the Year, a special four-part UK Channel 4 TV series presented by Kevin McCloud. The winner will be announced later this year.

Other recent award-winning architecture featuring GreenCoat® steel products include House KD, by GWSK Arkitekter and the Skýli design study by Utopia Arkitekter, which have both been shortlisted for the 2017 World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards. The apartment complex named Fjärilen (butterfly), designed by Belatchew Arkitekter AB, has a roof and façade made from GreenCoat® steel and is shortlisted for the Swedish Building Award 2017 (Stålbyggnadspriset 2017). 

The Fernaig Cottage is currently nominated and awarded for:

2017 Longlisted RIBA House of the Year

2017 Winner Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) Awards

2017 Winner Resource Efficiency Award

2017 Highly Commended British Homes Award

2017 Shortlisted Manser Medal

2017 Shortlisted AJ Retrofit Award

2017 Shortlisted Sunday Times “Britain’s Best Homes” Award

Photo text: 

- The red roof of the Fernaig Cottage was made with sustainable GreenCoat® steel.

- The use of GreenCoat® steel with Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating is one of many sustainable aspects of the Fernaig Cottage.

- Gillian Scampton, Pedder & Scampton Architects and Andrew Barnett, Hopkins Architects, London are longlisted for RIBA House of the Year 2017 with the Fernaig Cottage. 

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