Women in Tech

“The Women in Tech initiative aims at increasing the number of women in the field of technology. Activities in the organization’s network are arranged by Technology Industries of Finland, together with tech companies and other partners,” says Marika Koivisto from SSAB’s HR Development.

The network organizes a Women in Tech Forum every other year as part of Women in Tech Week. This year’s forum will be held in October under the theme "Women matter in tech: Success stories." In addition, the network arranges smaller events, such as Women in Tech Breakfast Dates. All activities focus on enhancing the role of women in creating success stories in business and technology.

“In order to increase the number of women in SSAB’s top management, we launched a diversity target in 2015, aiming to have women in 30% of the top management positions in the company by the end of 2019. So, joining the Women in Tech network was a natural step for us. We have a long-term goal of increasing the presence of female employees across the company, and we believe women in top management positions serve as role models for others, which in turn drives further development,” summarizes Eva Petursson, the Head of SSAB’s Strategic R&D.

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