Kenax Koneistus Oy in Joensuu was founded around Kenneth Eckert's motorsport interest. Kenax, which has been operating for about a year, offers product development, design and manufacturing services for mechanical engineering products and particularly for vehicle and engine parts. Kenax designs and manufactures motorcycle and car parts by using, for example, SSAB's Toolox engineering and tool steel.

"In addition to the most important part, the engine crankshaft bearing cap, we also use Toolox steel for parts resistant to mechanical wear. The product's superior toughness and hardness play a key role. I also use Toolox steel in engine parts as a preventive measure so that the durability of the engine can be strengthened to withstand more power than standard parts. Motor endurance can be increased considerably ", says Kenneth Eckert.

Toolox became familiar to Kenax already before through tool applications as it proved to be a good and reliable choice. Thus, Kenneth started to use the product in his hobby as well. "Steel must be hard enough without undergoing heat treatment, and when it is being machined, the machined part must keep its size. There have been very few issues compared with other similar products. Positive feedback is usually provided by end users when the final installation into the engine block has been completed. This is when we ensure that the result is correct and aligned. So far, our experiences have been excellent", says Kenneth.

The business, started from a hobby, has already expanded to other countries. Kenax Koneistus Oy's customer base includes racing engine builders as well as private people and companies that manufacture customized engines. The customers come mainly from Germany, the United States, Canada, Finland and England. Customers send Kenax their old engine parts, which are replaced with corresponding Toolox parts. "Where a hard steel part is needed, Toolox is the right choice. I have grown fond of the ease of machining Toolox steel, as it is possible to manufacture a part with exact measurements", says Kenneth.

Kenneth has clear advice for others who are considering using Toolox steel: "I recommend carefully reading the machining instructions found on SSAB's website. By following the instructions, you will ensure efficient machining. For example, if incorrect feed values are used, a milling cutter's tools will wear out excessively quickly. By following the instructions, you will extend the tool life significantly." 

SSAB's Toolox tool and engineering steel is delivered ready to use and does not require risky and time-consuming heat treatment. This enables faster product launches. By using Toolox steel it is possible to achieve a very high measurement accuracy for components thus ensuring good suitability for the application. The steel's tested mechanical properties ensure component functionality in the application.

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