Through a number of SSAB partners and customers around Europe, the machine manufacturer Multidocker can continue its international venture on large harbor cranes. The solution is called SSAB Shape.

- MultiDocker buys prefabricated - cut and bent - components from our plant in Poland. They are then processed at one of our partners in Europe to finally be assembled at Multidocker's facilities, says Tobias Appelkvist, responsible salesman at SSAB Shape. Together with the Shape organization we have managed to get a good solution to the customer.

In an increasingly competitive world market, it is important to find the best business models. MultiDocker has manufacturing in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Brazil. Thanks to SSAB's international network of own facilities and focus on customized customer offers; the deal could be carried out.

"Thanks to SSAB's initiative, we can further intensify our focus on material handling machines in the 40-130-ton segment, and we expect the new products to take a big step in the market from 2018 onwards," said Percy Österström, CEO MultiDocker.

Close relationships with Caterpillar

MultiDocker works in close cooperation with Caterpillar. MultiDocker has also recently agreed with Caterpillar to expand collaboration on smaller machine models, and also works with Caterpillar's dealers around the world to further increase growth.

Step by step towards high strength

Initially, the different components are manufactured in SSAB Domex S355 material. MultiDocker has also shown interest in the concept of eventually upgrading their machines to a more high-strength and lighter material, all in order to further enhance their competitiveness.

 For more information, please contact:
Matts Nilsson, Director SSAB Services & Head of Shape, Telephone 070 331 75 19
Percy Österström, CEO MultiDocker AB, phone 070 53 196 03

* SSAB Shape is a network of processing partners that offer the market prefabrication, technical support and services combined with first-class steel products.