SSAB’s steel mill in Mobile, Alabama now produces a full spectrum of Hardox and Strenx grades meeting the same strict specifications required for SSAB’s Nordic mills. While the company’s steel mill in Alabama has been producing Hardox and Strenx for several years, it is now qualified to produce the full range of both products based on the facility’s equipment capabilities. This ensures that the Hardox and Strenx steel grades currently ordered by our customers in North and South America can be produced in the U.S.

SSAB employs more than 1,200 people in its U.S. operations, which account for one fifth of SSAB’s global worldwide sales. Hardox, known as “The Beast” for its high strength, and Strenx, known as “The Beauty” for its lightweight properties, are just two of the products produced by SSAB’s U.S. mills, whose primary focus is heavy plate and coil. The company produces 2.5 million tons of steel from its two mills in the U.S., in Mobile, Alabama and Montpelier, Iowa. Together, they account for 27% of SSAB’s total worldwide production. Both mills are strategically located to cover the industrial heartland in North America.

U.S. mills are key to SSAB’s growth in the Americas

“It’s important to us and to our customers to produce our steel products in the U.S. The fact that we can deliver a full range of Hardox wear materials and Strenx structural steels made in America ensures that we can meet the growing demand for high-end steels in the U.S. and all of North and South America,” says Martin Lindqvist, president and CEO of SSAB.

Schedule a meeting with Martin Lindqvist, president and CEO of SSAB

SSAB President and CEO Martin Lindqvist will be available during ConExpo, time permitting, for media interviews at the SSAB booth if you would like to learn more about SSAB’s commitment to U.S. production.