SSAB Services is responsible for SSAB’s extended global service offering which includes the Hardox Wearparts and SSAB Shape concepts. Both concepts have ambitious growth plans and SSAB plans to double the size of the Shape business by 2020.

Making customers more competitive

"By combining SSAB's steel products with engineering support and prefabrication, we empower customers to develop their products and become more competitive. Early stage cooperation reduces time-to-market", said Matts Nilsson, Head of Shape.

The SSAB Shape offer is built on three cornerstones:

1. Premium Steel
Customers benefit from the high quality and consistent premium steel products offered by SSAB as well as from the advantages, such as lower weight, higher payload, longer life and reduced down time, of using high-strength steel

2. Engineering
SSAB Shape has the steel knowledge and experience to support customers in developing their products to be more competitive. The Shape team works with customers in joint projects  on designs to lower costs by using less material, less welding and easier assembly. Their end-user customers benefit from a lighter, stronger and more durable end product.

3. Prefabrication
A broad range and global presence in prefabrication specialized in high-strength steels - laser cutting, laser welding, bending, roll forming, tube cutting and thick plate cutting are just a few of our capabilities. With these services, OEMs can benefit by avoiding large capital investments in new equipment, as well as increased production and delivery efficiencies with complete parts for assembly and fabricated kits delivered just in time.

At your service

SSAB Shape has over 450 hard-working machines around the globe. Our own centers stretch from Johannesburg to Raahe, from Vancouver to Santiago and from Singapore to Oborniki. We also have a processing partner network. For example, in Western Europe we focus more on this type of partnership - and for certain types of unique services we have a global distribution service.

“In some segments we have quite a strong position, but there are growth opportunities, for example, in heavy transport, railway and agriculture, as well as in the energy sector. We want to offer a broader set of services to selected segments to enable growth,” says Matts Nilsson.

SSAB’s Shape also helps customers with upgrading and enables trial orders as well as prototype production.

“We want to support customers who themselves have limited resources, like time, space or processing capacity. And we can provide engineering support or even a new product design. For us, it is important to work closely with OEMs which is key for driving upgrades and help in finding the best tailored solutions for them,” continues Nilsson. 

SSAB Shape provides premium steel products in combination with value-added services and ready-made solutions, to OEMs in industries such as trailer and body builders, agriculture, recycling, trucks, railway, lifting and more. 

Shape has significant assets around the world:

  • 450 processing machines
  • 20+ Shape centers
  • 1300 active customers buying parts
  • Extensive network of processing partners
  • Design support
  • Customized product development
  • Reliable stock services
  • Wide range of processing services

Our tailored steel services in short:

  • Flame cutting ( thickness up to 380 mm, lengths up to 37,000 mm)
  • Plasma cutting (thickness up to 50 mm, lengths up to 37,000 mm)
  • Laser cutting pipe (lengths up to 15,500 mm, diameters up to 508 mm)
  • Laser cutting (thickness up to 20 mm, lengths up to 35,000 mm)
  • Water jet cutting (thickness up to 200 mm, lengths up to 8,000 mm)
  • Plate roll bending (widths up to 4,500 mm, thickness up to 110 mm)
  • Bevelling (thickness up to 140 mm, max length of bevel 12,000 mm)
  • Roll forming (high-strength steel)
  • Drilling (drill bits up to 70 mm in diameter)
  • Laser welding (lengths up to 20,000 mm, thickness up to 8 mm)
  • Shot blasting (widths up to 3,300 mm, height up to 500 mm)
  • Bending/press breaking (max 4,000 tonnes, max working length up to 21,000 mm)
  • Milling (up to 360 mm in diameter, depth up to 8 mm)

Ready-made kits for customers

Our customers can benefit from less needed welding or practically no scrap produced with some ready-made kits. This means increased profitability with prefabricated components. Strategic value comes from the fact that customers can focus on their core business, product development becomes faster and less capital is employed.

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Customers can contact either SSAB’s local sales organization or SSAB Shape directly at [email protected] or call +46 243 700 00.