Despite its patina appearance, the steel is resistant to all types of weather conditions. The addition of copper, chrome, nickels or phosphorous gives the steel a self-protecting, oxidized surface. This means that roof and facade cladding are practically maintenance-free, eliminating the cost of painting.  

“Compared to traditional steel, the cost savings can reach as much as 15–20 percent of the total cost,” says Jouni Rättyä, Sales Director Finland & Baltics.

Widest portfolio of weathering steels

SSAB Weathering steel and COR-TEN® are often used in industrial applications, such as chimney stacks, because of the steel’s unique ability to withstand high temperatures and sulfur-rich environments. The steel has become popular among architects and designers and is widely used in architecture and design because it can create exciting surface features. 

SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® are available in different product types and dimensions, with a yield strength of up to 960 MPa. The product range includes hot-rolled plates as well as hot-rolled or cold-rolled strips, tubes and sections. A large number of the products in our portfolio have mechanical properties that exceed the requirements of the EN 10025-5 and ASTM standards. The tight tolerances we work with guarantee predictable results, financial savings and better yield in production. Our steel is more cost effective and produces an end product with excellent quality and weather resistance.

The steel has excellent properties for forming, machining and welding. SSAB Weathering products can be ordered directly from the steel mill.

For further information, please contact:
Jouni Rättyä, Sales Director Finland & Baltics, [email protected], phone: +358 40 725 5440