Region Skåne in Sweden is investing heavily on building a new future hospital in Malmö. RD® pile wall has been chosen as a retaining wall solution for parts of the project. Piling contractor is Skanska Sverige AB Grundläggning. RD pile wall was chosen as a solution due to minimum vibration as well as minimum noise and disturbance to the surroundings compared to other solutions. In total close to 10 km, 665 pieces of RM-RF interlocked RD320/12.5 piles (1030 tons) have been delivered for the project. Regular scheduled deliveries took place between June and October. First part of the RD pile wall was built for new hospital building with two levels of basements. Second part of the RD pile wall was built for the culvert F. Next spring there will be a need for one more RD pile wall for another culvert.

Figure 1. Close to 10 km of RM-RF interlocked RD320/12.5 piles have been delivered to Malmö hospital project between June and October.

Region Skåne is responsible for healthcare and public transport, business development, culture, infrastructure, social planning and environmental and climate-related issues in Skåne. During coming few years Region Skåne will have major investments on the hospital campus in Malmö. The goal is to have a modern hospital that is well prepared for future care. Malmö hospital area investments include two new health care buildings, a new service center and an expanded culvert system. Culvert system will reduce the number of transports in the hospital area. Culverts link healthcare buildings with the new service center and create more efficient transport flows of goods and waste. The work is expected to be completed by 2022.

Figure 2. Second part of the RD® pile wall is built for the culvert F.

Figure 3. Project is located in the city center of Malmö. Limited storage space requires well scheduled deliveries.

Three more RD pile walls have been built by Skanska in Sweden this autumn. In total 3.7 km, 234 pieces of RM-RF interlocked RD400/12.5 piles (505 ton) will be delivered to project Slussen in Stockholm. Deliveries for the project started in November. In Malmö a smaller RD pile wall of 208 tons have been installed in November. In total 1.9 km, 134 pieces of RM-RF interlocked RD320/12.5 piles have been delivered to the project Dalby. Earlier in the autumn Skanska installed RD pile wall for the project SCA Östrand Timrå. In total 2.1 km, 150 pieces of RM-RF interlocked piles were delivered in September.