SSAB will invest SEK 370 million to modernize the first section of the pickling line at the Hämmeenlinna Works in Finland. The investment is being made to support SSAB’s automotive growth strategy and secure the stable and long-term production of coated strip products. All steel strip at Hämeenlinna is pickled by passing it through hydrochloric acid baths before cold rolling and subsequent metal coating. The metal-coated strip products are sold directly to Automotive and Construction customers.

“Automotive is an important segment for us and one where we see clear potential for growth. The investments in Hämeenlinna will now support that strategy further,” says Olavi Huhtala, Head of SSAB Europe

In Luleå, Sweden, an investment of SEK 156 million will be made in a new blower for hot metal production. The blower can be seen as the engine of the blast furnace and the installation of a new blower will reduce energy consumption and increase production stability.

“We work continuously to improve our operations and a new blower will have a positive impact on production stability throughout the entire production chain in Luleå. The new blower will also enable us to reduce energy consumption,” says Olavi Huhtala

The investments are a part of the already communicated capital expenditure program. The projects are planned to start towards the end of 2016.

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