Elin Kanstad, managing director of Kanstad Mekaniske, and Tobias Appelkvist, Regional Sales Manager, Special Steels in Norway 

Kanstad Mekaniske is a small family business that started up in 1985, but which dates back to another company from the early 1960s. Today, the company has six part owners and makes various types of container for waste applications, as well as more advanced solutions with hydraulics and electronic control systems. Elin was the family’s “only son” and should actually only have had a summer job with the company, but stayed on and has now been managing director and a majority owner for some ten years.

“Now that our large containers are certified with Hardox In My Body, we can secure an advantage on the Norwegian market,” said Elin Kanstad.

The material used in the containers is Hardox 450, which SSAB’s partner network supplies direct to Kanstad as more or less ready components of cut and bent sheets.

“It feels great to be able to make use of the advantages we have through our Shape concept,” said Tobias Appelkvist, who is regional sales manager of Special Steels in Norway. “Shape provides customers with a total solution, which increasingly more customers require.”

Long process to satisfied customer or quick order at the fair

At times, it takes a long time to convince a customer. Seven and a half years ago, Kanstad made a couple of containers for a local customer, who was a bit dubious about the material and price. The containers recently came back for a minor refit and the customer was so pleased with both the service life and durability that he decided to order more containers.

“Once customers realize the long-term value of durability and that the containers require fewer repairs, they adopt a different attitude to the slightly higher price and decide to order more,” notes a delighted Elin Kanstad. “During the fair, we received a number of enquiries and positive comments about the container on display, and requests to produce other types of container in Hardox.”

Dedication and investment

Over the past three years, the company has invested a lot of time and financial resources to further develop some of the new waste collection solutions for the Nordic market. The premises are being extended and new machinery is on its way. Two new welders are also joining the company in response to growing demand for products made in Norway.

Exposed location

Tromsø is located at a latitude of 69° and in the summer enjoys continuous daylight. The sun remains above the horizon from May 19 to July 27. On the other hand winters are dark and characterized by changeable weather. Perhaps these characteristics have shaped the environment and created a hardworking, strong-willed and profitable company, and the world’s northernmost Hardox In My Body member.