The world’s largest climate performance – is a relay race with a thousand runners racing around the clock from Kiruna to Paris. The distance is around 4,500 km and the finishing line is Paris on November 29. Run for your life will give the climate issue a body, face and a story. Or rather 1000 bodies, 1000 faces and 1000 stories. Private individuals are running in the performance and share their stories of why the climate issue is important for them personally.

Anders Carlestam, who spends his working days at the SSAB’s QT Center in Oxelösund, ran a leg of about five kilometers in the race through Södermanland.
Why did you want to run for the climate?
“I want to part of the solution and not just watch as the problem grows. I want my children to have the same belief in the future as I had when I was growing up,” he explained.

Other runners from SSAB are Anna Philipsson, Camilla Ruohonen-Sundberg, Sofia Johansson and Diana Orrling (Merox), who will also run one of the legs, but together.
Why are you running in the relay?
“We’re running for the sake of our children’s future. We don’t want to have to use an application to see whether the outdoor air quality is good enough for our children to be outside or whether we have to keep them in. We love being outside in the wonderful countryside and want future generations to be able to enjoy the same quality of life as us.”