SSAB aims for diversity and inclusion to be part of the company’s corporate culture, to ensure a wide-ranging representation throughout the organization of people and competences. One important initiative to improve diversity will be to increase the share of female employees across the company, starting at the top level. To accelerate this process, the company will develop a mentoring program focused on female leadership and will require that at least one female candidate be considered for every managerial position going forward.


“It’s very important for SSAB to be able to engage, retain and attract employees with the right skills needed in the steel industry,” says Monika Gutén, Head of Group Human Resources, Procurement and Shared Services. “Initially, we will focus our efforts on gender equality, but for SSAB, equality means promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace with equal opportunities for everyone.”


Earlier this year, SSAB announced its new sustainability strategy, which included measurable environmental targets. The company also is focusing on improvements in areas like health and safety, with the goal to be the safest steel company in the world. SSAB’s strengthened focus on sustainability is critical to ensuring the company´s long-term competitive position in the energy- and resource-intensive steel industry. In addition, SSAB has updated its social responsibility targets, including updates and changes to business ethics, Code of Conduct, supply chain management and employee performance dialogs.


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Press release 20 May 2015: SSAB launches new sustainability strategy

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