Business can be tough. As your equipment takes a pounding every day, you probably wonder how much wear and tear it can take, if you’ve chosen the right materials and steel grades, and whether your plate is worth the investment.

With WearCalc™ 2.0, calculating component wear and optimizing your choice of wear plate just got easier.

This powerful prediction software — offered free of charge to SSAB’s wear plate customers — lets you quickly and easily calculate the relative service life for all Hardox wear parts of different grades, so you can choose the best plate for your needs. WearCalc 2.0 predicts erosion and impact wear as well as sliding wear.

The impact wear model analyzes severe damage involving crater formation and extruded lips during impact, and molder damage resulting in plastic deformation of the surface. The erosion model predicts whether makeup of the abrasive materials will cause edges to penetrate the steel surface or to break. At the micro level, this model uses mineral hardness to calculate erosion on different types of wear plate.

The sliding wear model is based on two limiting curves representing the types of surface damage, plastic or cutting. The relationship between the hardness of the steel and the hardness of the abrasive material determines the damage mechanism and thus the relative service life.

Other features

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Algorithm takes size, shape, impingement angle and velocity of material into account 
  • Results presented in easy-to-read table format 
  • Report generator creates a report with input parameters and results table 
  • Report file can be saved, e-mailed or edited in Microsoft Word