We like to think that 1974 marks a major turning point in steel history. That’s when Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB completed a mission impossible: to produce hard, tough, yet bendable wear plates. Since its introduction, the Hardox® range has grown thinner, thicker and harder without sacrificing its essential toughness..

Originally intended as wear plate, Hardox steel is tough enough to double as a load-carrying part in many applications. This allows for innovative ways of designing steel structures that combine strength, light weight and high wear resistance.

Above and beyond traditional support

SSAB has a long and proud tradition of providing assistance in design, wear, workshop techniques and production efficiency. We go beyond offering technical support and collaborate with our customers to develop innovative products through our Knowledge Service Center. In fact, more than 75% of our customers work with us on development projects.

Hardox goes high tech

Software innovations have brought more value and productivity to Hardox steel as it evolves with the times:

  • WearCalc software helps customers choose the right Hardox wear plate based on predictions of erosion, impact and sliding wear.
  • Instant ValueCalc calculates the financial and environmental savings when an end user upgrades to Hardox or Strenx high-strength steels.
  • The Hardox Wearparts Web Shop, a first of its kind in the steel industry, offers 24/7 access to quotes and products details on thousands of wear products and parts for different industries, and can be accessed on computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • The SSAB app on Google Play or the App Store lets users search through Hardox stock, explore product options and information.

Today, Hardox boasts a reputation in the industry as one of highest-performing and longest-lasting steel solutions on the market. And we intend to keep it that way, while always evolving, innovating and helping our customers stay up and running — and ahead of the competition.