- These anti-corrosive steels can extend lifespan of the construction thanks to its long service life and low maintenance costs. It's often galvanized sheet or aluminum that comes to mind when you want to avoid corrosion or rust but this is a stronger and more economical alternative, said Johan Broback, responsible for SSAB Europes´ hot rolled strip products.

W stands for Weather Resistant. This means that the steel is just about maintenance free and does not need any traditional surface treatment. Instead, the surface oxidizes when it is exposed to dry and wet weather, and the steel takes on its characteristic appearance.

The surface is much denser compared with traditional steel which prevents it from further corrosion. The surface provides a protection which, after ten years, shows less than half of the corrosive attacks seen on common carbon steel.

W-steel can be used either painted or unpainted. When painted, the steel has an advantage against traditional steel since it is more resistant against slit corrosion should there be damage on the painted surface. W-steel with its dense surface is developed for use also without paint.

W-steel is mainly used for bridges, foundations, containers and within the railway industry, where the rough, durable and high strength steel contributes to increasing lifespan and decreasing maintenance costs. These steels can give light constructions combined with high corrosion resistance.

The following weather resistant steels are available from SSAB: Domex 355W, Domex 550W, Domex 700W, and Docol 355W and Docol 700W, COR-TEN® A, COR-TEN® B, COR-TEN® B-D, Optim 550W, Optim 960W.

SSAB is a proud sponsor of the Nordic World Ski Championship 2015. Come and visit SSAB in the Innovation Pavilion, in the arena area.

Image: The ski jumps at Lugnet’s ski arena in Falun, Sweden were completed 40 years ago with Domex 355W.