SSAB’s Chairman of the Board, Sverker Martin-Löf, has informed the company's principal owner, Industrivärden, that he is not available for re-election at the annual general meetings during the spring 2015 in the listed companies, where he currently holds board assignment. Sverker Martin-Löf has been Chairman of the Board in SSAB since 2003.

Industrivärden and its principal owner will propose for the Nomination Committee in SSAB, to nominate Bengt Kjell as the new Chairman of the Board for SSAB at the upcoming annual general meeting. Bengt Kjell is CEO for “AB Handel och Industri”, a fully-owned subsidiary of Handelsbanken, and he was also previously Executive Vice President of Industrivärden during 2002-2010.  

This information is published by SSAB pursuant to the requirements of the Finnish Securities Market Act and the Swedish Securities Market Act. Submitted for publication at 08.00 am CET, January 22, 2015.