Dusko Maravic, founder and CEO of Condeco, made a groundbreaking discovery when he developed a new way to use the material in the manufacturing of base plates for pots and pans, something that provides many benefits for both the environment and cooking. Toolox is used in the new base that Condeco has patented, which is a sandwich method consisting of three parts: two parts stainless steel and one part Toolox in the middle. This new production technology, together with ideal pot and pan characteristics, is highly unique in the cookware industry.

For cooking, there are many benefits. "By using Toolox in the base, the pan has a better heat transfer to the water that provides significant energy savings of up to 30 percent and reduces the cooking time," said Mr. Maravic. The Toolox pot and pan base represents the next generation in cookware for advanced cooking systems, as well as a new era in cooking technology.

The heat-tolerant Toolox ensures a permanent flat bottom, which allows for efficient heat transfer into the pan. Induction heating can often cause a humming sound that some people find irritating. The Condeco pan completely eliminates the humming magnetic field thanks to the magnetic characteristics of Toolox.

Condeco is nominated for the 2013 Swedish Steel Prize for its innovation in the field of high strength steel. The company has succeeded in finding a new market and a new use for high strength steel, which provides customers with a significant improvement in product performance as well as a great reduction in energy consumption. Another environmental benefit is that less energy is consumed during production. "I think we have good chances of winning this year's Steel Prize," said Dusko Maravic.

Four European companies that are highly experienced in cookware manufacturing have received a license for commercialization from Condeco and are planning a major production run with the new base, which will be available for distributors in January 2014.

On November 20, the winner of the Swedish Steel Prize will be presented, which can be followed here: www.steelprize.com