The sale represents a part of the efficiency enhancement program that SSAB EMEA has initiated with the aim of reducing costs by SEK 800 million. The program includes a review of the entire business operations, including divestments of businesses which are not of strategic importance for SSAB.

Plannja currently engages in modern and efficient panel production, with operations primarily Luleå. The market position will be further strengthened through the acquisition and integration of the business by the ventilation and building components company, Lindab.

“I'm extremely pleased that we’ve found this solution,” says Plannja’s President, P O Stark. “We can now focus all of our resources on improving what we are already good at, namely quick, secure shipments of a complete range of products to our customers within the building trade, sheet metal trade, modular homes, and building companies. It’s also gratifying that we’ve found an owner of the panel production business with a complementary range of products, which will make it possible to increase the volumes in Luleå.”

The sale is planned to take place on March 19 and includes Plannja’s sandwich panel production with design, as well as parts of the high profile production and sales organization. Lindab will offer continued employment to the approximately 50 employees affected. In 2011, the divested parts of Plannja reported sales of around SEK 150 million.

About Plannja
Plannja is a wholly owned subsidiary which is operationally included in SSAB EMEA. Sales are focused on the building trade, the sheet metal trade, and construction projects. The product range comprises complete ranges for flat and profiled construction steel, sheet roofing tiles and rainwater goods, as well as sandwich-type wall elements.